For three years of successful operating on the stock exchange, binary options, currency exchange and other markets creators of IQ Option realized, that continuous development is a strict requirement not only for traders, but for brokers also.

The first and obvious step is to provide respective updates, that will extend analytical armory and arsenal of experienced traders. Interface optimization and following to the most recent demands made an app modern, user-friendly and popular.

Another finding opened that unexperienced staff should be also cared. So Manuals for acknowledging with site was developed, trainee option such as demo-account was proposed, tutorial videos and consultations with personal support manager provided.

All in all user’s happiness is a key determination of application’s success. This is why team representing IQ Option developed a short list of tips and lifehacks for new commers on how to start and feel first positive results. As for Masters of dealing, let it be a kind reminders on simple, but necessary rules to follow to keep gainful activity.


  • Notification 1: trading is a risky sphere.

Any market used to be analyzed, but sometimes unpredictable situation can happen and fluence the normal order of things. This is why it is important to assign maximum amount to risk with and to determine minimum amount to gain. All in all few little losses shouldn’t be significant amotivation. Things happen.


  • Notification 2: Keep calm and be patient.

Deep analysis is not a thing to be performed in a minutes. Continuous researches, investigations, indicators comparing should be made before go into deal, that also should be planned well according to chosen strategy. Once you went into deal, be patient and do not do abrupt decision changes, that may cause you to return to Notification 1.


  • Notification 3: Controlling.

It is easy to be confused between true trading sense and fair, greed and other emotions. The main things to be managed by are facts, logic, experience and common sense. All of them together form trading sense, but others can cause lots of troubles and losses.


  • Notification 4: Self-Confidence.

Any decision taken belongs to the only trader based on analysis and facts. Mistakes are normal thing and will occasionally appear to be analyzed and fixed. Fair of unusual actions, losing funds, first step shouldn’t should be fought, otherwise no results will be reached.


  • Notification 5: rule of small amounts.

Risk diversification should be performed, so to use total amount of deposited funds for one deal is a bad idea. The best decision is to divide balance for parts not exceeding ten presents and use them for deals with dependence of risks on them.

Offered tips have only recommended character, the only person, who has power to make decision is a trader. But experience shows that all five work and help to safe from significant mistakes and disappointments at the start of traders career.