All developers want to offer the unique and useful product, that will have significant qualitative  distinctions comparing with others to suit followers the most. So IQ Option developers made a research in order to indicate top of noisy/required functions and features applicable for trading stations.



Majority among users agreed on next issues appeared in many applications, that require urgent solutions:

  • Simple interface is needed. Traders do not relate to people, who needs bright and nice design. The main characteristic is usability, but not nice pictures. Talking about usability there is a necessity of immediate access to analytical tools. Specific search and too long operations take too much efforts and distract from main aim – money earning. Ability to work with several tools at once, so each will be well-seen and be able for manipulations.
  • Few tools aiming to help with gaining and keeping record of results.
  • Analytics is not included or limited.
  • Bags and system errors, that corrupt operations and cause losses.


This is not full list. Progress and developments are continuous processes,  but in case some of listed above issues look familiar, information on solutions offered by IQ Option team implemented in last updated version will be useful to know.

First of all, implemented decisions cared about interface, that became user-friendly, so now redesigned chart settings allow to access necessary type of deal with respective analysis at once and take them all in a same time. Additionally ability to hold up to nine windows with graphical analysis was launched. That was reached by option to manipulate windows size without significant limitations.



The another favorable solution allows to keep tracking of achievements and analyze not only trends in currencies, crypto, binary options, but to analyze personal mistakes and losses. Additionally transaction history is saved, so personal financial statistics is available to notice some seasonality and finance growth. Maximum period of information storage is not limited to one year. In a same time the most recent information (up to one month) is available in  a special mode analysis.

The third solution offered is diversified range of analytical instruments by developing a new software products. Last added among them in IQ Option app updated to 4.0 are both Stochastic and Awesome Oscillators, MACD and Parabolic Sar. In addition, Fibonacci lines became available for share’s market analysis.

After updates aiming to satisfy demands of valuable followers increase of speed in data processing was reached as Operational of MAC and others. Mainly this achieved by increasing of autonomy work of applications, so any internal errors appeared in device’s work will not affect on IQ Optional operating.