Lots of factors can be determined as critically important to consider during the lasting process of the optimal trading broker to cooperate with. Examples are data processing speed, absence of bags, security and ease of use.


What IQ Option can respond to facts below?

Developers analyzed and understood users requirements and as a result of their work two options appeared IQ Option followers: via web-page or autonomous application. The first one is easy to access immediately, but can be risky because of system errors, caused by high traffic or other overloads. Another way is a little bit more complicated because of necessity to download and setup, but aimed to avoid risks described above speeds up processes and allows to log in from anywhere, where Internet is working .



Talking about other proven strong sides of broker described above, the following should be considered as a significant factors for decision making in favor of IQ Option:

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission confirm transparency and compliance with legal requirements of an IQ Option. Platform could be used as for operations with shares, binary potions and currency exchanges. And this is not an exhaustive list.
  • KPMG confirms on yearly basis company’s financial statements, that doesn’t not contain any significant misstatements, no fraud or bias in internal processes.
  • IQ Option is a permanent participant of diverse types of international Conquests and as a result of successful work is a winner of numerous awards: Winner in Quality nomination in Communication Awards, Best Technology Application Awards, etc.
  • Application settings can be changed according to traders experience: newbie can access trainee account and master can access additional analytical tools and advises.
  • Wide range of analytical tools including: Alligator, Parabolic SAR, Stochastic, MACD, graphical analytics that allows to reflect up to 9 graphs/pies at once.
  • Quick transaction period and low limits for withdrawal (from ten dollars) and deals (from one dollar). Banking cards can be used for operations related to personal balance changes (replenishment or withdrawal).
  • In case tutorial lectures on various strategies implementation will be not enough, there is an option of consulting with personal tutor-analytic.

It is impossible to guess do these tools really fluence results and help to earn more or just make the operational side a little bit more comfortable or there are only marketing tricks until IQ Option go through a test-drive by trader. Considering, the fact that testing will not take lots of time, but can safe money and nerves the best decision is to go via trial versions through:


  • PC

​Any personal computer, even released 5 years ago will satisfy simple requirements: the oldest version of Windows acceptable is 7, free space – 50 MB, Internet acces and that’s all. Standard download from official source and setup in few clicks with further account creating in total will take less than 10 minutes.


  • Cell

​No different is trader an owner of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorolla or other smartphone. All markets offer IQ Option for free. This will allow not only to make deals without reference to the place or socket, but what is more important to be able to get into deal immediately as respective analytics of news were communicated or read.